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The AgriNous platform has been designed by a team that works daily in the industry.

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In 2015 lifetime Stock Agent, Glenn Rea had a vision that the current day paper-based booking systems in saleyards would be digitised.

Frustrated by the lack of software solutions available, and industry duplication, Glenn & Joel begun investigating the possibility of building their own platform to fill this gap in the Livestock sector.

Glenn & Joel instinctively knew that infield digitisation of all Livestock activities would not only eliminate inefficiencies of information exchange through to the back office, but it would also set the foundation for NLIS compliance with imminent introduction of EID tagging of Sheep & Goats in Victoria.

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Less time in the yards and even less in the office

AgriNous’ vision is to enable the conversion of the livestock industry to complete digital transformation through their cloud-based technologies.

These modern applications have been designed to digitally capture the required data from farm to yards, the processor and everyone else in between, whilst maintaining full compliance to all regulatory obligations. Data captured infield is persistently synchronized across all devices, providing seamless access to company information for the whole team to perform their duties, without the need for additional paperwork, clumsy spreadsheets and unnecessary double handling.

Built for professionals

As the enabler of real-time data capture and distribution in Australia, the AgriNous platform is designed to benefit the whole industry.

This paperless platform is available on IOS, PC & Android systems and eliminates double handling, reduces human error and fatigue, whilst increasing team efficiency inside these highly complex and busy environments.

Administrative staff involved in the complexities of sale and movement of livestock will find great benefit of these digital solutions with up-to-date data at their call 24/7, allowing them to complete their daily tasks with ease.

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Real time industry knowledge

The AgriNous platform has been designed by a team that works daily in the industry. They saw the need to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with information exchange from the paddock through to agencies, sale yard operators and processors.

This innovative platform provides users with practical daily application uses such as:

  • livestock management recording, scanning and weighing
  • compatibility with farm assurance programs
  • 3rd party assessments such as AuctionsPlus and StockLive
  • maintains lifetime traceability
  • build digital consignments in yards
  • enables real time balancing
  • NLIS compliant

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