Joel Rockes

Joel Rockes

Managing Director

0418 589 565

Joel Rockes is the Managing Director and co-founder of AgriNous, where he leads a dedicated team focused on providing innovative, data-driven tools for saleyards and livestock agents. Growing up in a farming community, Joel developed a deep respect for the agricultural industry, which drives his commitment to enhancing productivity and efficiency through technology.

Joel’s leadership at AgriNous is focused on collaboration and a genuine desire to empower, challenge, and support others. By creating digital tools, he aims to bring significant positive impacts to the Agency, including streamlined operations, better decision-making, next-generation producer engagement and increased transparency.

He is also pursuing the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) course to further his corporate governance and strategic leadership expertise. His mission is to be an inspirational leader who helps others grow, succeed, and work together.

Joel remains grounded and approachable, constantly learning and listening to ensure his work makes a meaningful difference.