AgriNous Partners With South Australia’s Biggest Saleyard

When upgrades were needed at South Australia’s biggest saleyard centre, AgriNous was selected for its efficiency, accuracy and appeal to agents and buyers working at the Naracoorte site.

The Naracoorte Livestock Exchange is the biggest livestock auction centre in South Australia, and is particularly noted for its regular supply of European Union accredited cattle which require additional industry compliance. It can also lay claim to hosting Australia’s premier first-cross ewe markets each spring and holds the Australian price records for this class of sheep.

Saleyard manager Richard James said they had become frustrated with the livestock software programs they were using, finding it difficult to get timely updates when required.

“We weren’t getting the support we needed, so we began looking at options and there were stock agencies already using AgriNous for their clerking and their feedback was all positive,” he said.

The Naracoorte saleyards switched to AgriNous technology last year.

Improving Relationships

Mr James said alongside time saving efficiencies and the benefits of using a portable cloud-based system that allowed livestock information to be uploaded and shared instantly, was some unexpected bonuses such as more accurate cattle and lamb draws.

He said as agents were feeding accurate numbers into the system as stock arrived, buyers had a much clearer picture of what numbers would be available to compete on.

“The buyers are much happier as accuracy around sale numbers has really improved, and those grizzles you would often get about trucks being organised in advance and then the stock not being yarded have been solved,” he said.

Mr James said the system had also streamlined the business structure of the operation between the saleyard and agencies in regards to fees for animals yarded and sold, including private weighs of livestock.

“All the accountancy is now a lot quicker and more accurate,” he said.

After Sales Support

Mr James said he had been impressed by the on-going support

provided by the team at AgriNous.

“The back-up has been very good, they are only ever a phone call away and they are good guys to just have a yarn to as well as they are up to date with issues and what is happening across the industry.’’

Compliance Ready

Mr James said the design of the software made it easy for saleyard staff and agents to use, and all the necessary reports such as pre and post-sale catalogues were quick to produce on sale days.

He particularly liked how easy it was to keep accurate records of stock movements from one pen to another, especially at store markets where individual animals in a lot could be sold separately to a different buyer.

“At store sales if an animal is pulled out for whatever reason, we can just scan it, key in what pen it has gone to, and all that data is instantly uploaded and everyone knows what is going on,” he said.

“We like AgriNous – it is a good system.”

Image of AgriNous Partners With South Australia’s Biggest Saleyard
Naracoorte Lucindale Council
2 June 2021