AgriNous Partnering With Tasmanian Livestock Exchange

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AgriNous technology is a core part of the redevelopment and modernisation of Tasmania’s livestock saleyards which have undergone sweeping changes in the past year.

The state’s main cattle and lamb centres of Powranna and Oatlands are now managed under the umbrella of the Tasmanian Livestock Xchange or TLX, and the benefits of a paperless transaction system using AgriNous has been immense for saleyard staff and stock agents.

“It is an absolutely awesome system,” said Andrew Palmer, manager TLX.

“We went out looking for a feature package that was specifically designed for saleyards and which was user friendly, and the guys at AgriNous have certainly delivered.’’

TLX is part of the Nutrien Ag Solutions company, and it was feedback from agents using the system at big selling centres in Victoria that led Andrew and his team to investigate AgriNous.

“It came highly recommended by people actually involved in the day-to-day operations of selling stock, and we took that as a good sign.”

Ease of Installation

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and state border closures, the entire AgriNous package was installed in Tasmania remotely, proving how user friendly the software is.

Mr Palmer said using Zoom meetings and telephone hook-ups they were able to get the program operating with few problems within a few weeks.

“It actually wasn’t that hard to implement, and while there was some resistance to change by the older stock agents, the younger ones ran with it and pulled it through.’


Stock arrivals and deliveries are now being handled by contract labour at these Tasmanian saleyards, and AgriNous technology has played a key role in making this move accurate and reliable.

Mr Palmer said using tablets and iphones, stock details were quickly captured as they were unloaded, including pen numbers the animals were moved into. All this information was then seamlessly available to stock agents when they arrived for drafting and auctioneering.

Conversely, all the buyer details put into the system by agents are then immediately available to drovers for delivery to transport.

“Before we used AgriNous it was all paper and pen and there would be a monstrous lot of paperwork handed- over before the auction and afterwards,” he said.

“The technology has really streamlined the process and instead of stock agents being tied-up in the yards they have more time to be out doing business.”

Easy Problem Solving

Issues such as misplaced stock or buyers wanting to double check purchases have become easier.

“The ability to problem solve within minutes, rather than hours, has been a big plus with this software,” Mr Palmer said.

“In the past I would have to go back to the yards to try and work out what had happened, now I can just pull up the AgriNous App on the phone and go through the sale and work out the issue on the screen.

“Accuracy is so good with this AgriNous system that I can back myself by what has been recorded and it has been a huge time saving tool for myself.”

Image of AgriNous Partnering With Tasmanian Livestock Exchange
Tasmanian Livestock Exchange
2 June 2021